The Rescue of Boxer 22 by Jeffrey A Chunglo

The Rescue of Boxer 22 was a highly secret operation. It occurred in a forgotten country, Laos, during the Vietnam War. An international agreement had banned military operations in Laos, yet some of the most vicious battles of the Vietnam War occurred in that region. The rescue of Boxer 22, and its details, were classified as SECRET until documents surrounding this mission were declassified in 2001. This mission remains the largest Combat Search and Air Rescue mission in U.S. Air Force history.

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Lloyd K.

The Rescue of Boxer 22 is a phenomenal true story that does much to dispel the unfair perception of the Vietnam era veteran. Instead we see true American service members answering their country’s call a long way from home, never forgetting their motto: “So others may live”.

Kate N.

I had the absolute pleasure of reading The Rescue of Boxer 22 by Jeffrey Chunglo. It is a fingernail-biting-page-turner. Highly recommended for a thrilling read while waiting out the chaos swirling around our planet right now. “Never leave a man behind” in every sense of the word. One Team One Fight

TSgt Kate Noble
101st ARW, MXG
Bangor, ME

Dan P.

I just finished your book in a single sitting. This was a powerful story of unselfish valor to rescue a true American Hero. I had never heard of this Operation before but as you said in your Forward comments, “Why isn’t this story more we’ll-known”. I thank you for changing that my Brother. It must have been an incredible honor to meet these fine Americans during your research. I will do my part in getting this story out by sharing with friends and Military Organizations here in Tennessee. I thank you again Brother for taking this project on and seeing it to fruition. This story is an important part of our Military History and the lessons from this Operation need to be remembered. “Can Do”

Steven R Riedel

Doc, thanks for getting this story out in the open. I read the story in about 5 hours. Was a very fast paced and interesting read. Kept your attention during the read. Amazing that you had the resources you had to put that story together. If not for this book I would bet no one would ever know about the longest rescue mission in the Air Forces history. A great read and story


Doc! This is awesome!

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