Why You Should Publish Your Book

Many writers dream of seeing their book published because a book is a reflection of their hopes and dreams, and publishing is the ultimate reward for a job well done.  Being a published author is, ultimately, all about reaching out to your readers and knowing that you've been able to share your story with them. But in order to make that successful crossover from writer to published author, you need to choose the publisher that best suits your publishing goals. It is important to publish your book with an expert publisher that will work with you from start to finish. A reputable publisher should also have the necessary experience and expertise not only in book publishing, but also in book marketing, so your book can reach the widest audience possible.

To truly grow as a writer, we have to push our creations out into the world. We have to seek out readers who want to experience what we've written. Why? You may be a writer of books, but you only become an author when you share your stories and ideas to the world-when your book is published. This is what sets apart a writer from a published book author. This is why you should always strive to bring out the author in you.

The Limelight Package is a full service package, and costs $950.00 AUDwhich includes the following;

  • 100% royalties (Limelight does not take a cut of author royalties)
  • Free ISBN Assignment - registered so that customers can order from most major retailer bookstores
  • Paperback Format and/or or hard copy
  • Digital Formatting of eBook including distribution
  • Worldwide Book Distribution - Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Ingram, Kobo, iBooks and many more.
  • Personal Web Page/Online Bookstore
  • One-on-One Author Support
  • Custom Layout Technician (please see notes about editing service)
  • Custom, Unique, Cover Design!
  • Library of Congress Control Number
  • Copyright Registration
  • Marketing through social media campains
  • Google and Amazon Book Search

We are currently only taking fiction and non fictions books and poetry titles. Due to the high demand, for the time being, we are currently not accepting children's titles, photo books, or journals. We may open this back up again soon. 

Every Limelight representative has self-published and in doing so, enjoys financial success; global sales, attending book expo's, film adaptations, publishing multiple titles, public speaking, and book signings.

It is indeed, a very exciting, unique time to be a writer and here at Limelight, we want to help you find your own path to success. Today, industry challenges from the past are now unlocked doors to be explored. It's about knowing which doors to approach. 

We give you the creative freedom to transform your original concept, a book unique to you, into a physical work of art you can hold in your hands. Our technical and artistic experts work with you at every step of the process to give you a published book that exactly matches your specific needs.

How to become a published author

1. Email Limelight about your book and expectations.  

2. A Limelight representative will contact you to discuss your project and guide you through the next stage.

Now, let's get you published! 

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