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Premium Services:

Our publishing package is tailored to meet the needs of both fiction and non-fiction Authors. Whether you're penning a thrilling novel or sharing your life story in an autobiography, our package has you covered.

Standard Fiction and Non-Fiction Books: $1,900
Hardcover or Paperback + eBook + Copyright + LCCN AND MARKETING.Includes Cover + Hardcover and Paperback + eBook + unlimited graphics, images, Copyright + LCCN + one paperback or hardcover copy shipped to your door, (includes all global US residents).

Children’s Picture Book, Cook Book Photo Books, Coffee Table or Comic Book Package: $2,700
Hardcover or Paperback +Copyright + LCCN AND Marketing. Includes Cover + Hardcover + Paperback+ Copyright + LCCN + one paperback or hardcover copy shipped to your door (includes US residents).

Journal Package: $2,700
Hardcover or Paperback + Copyright + LCCN AND Marketing. Includes Cover + Hardcover + Paperback + Copyright + LCCN + one free paperback or hardcover copy shipped to your door (includes US residents).

Full Package Details:
One-on-One Author Manager Relationship
Free secure Author account, to view your sales reports
Discount on Author Copies
Free LCCN and Copyright Registrations
Author page on Limelight Publishing
Book Advert page on Limelight Publishing
Free Spotlight Seller Page (landing page for customers to view all your titles)
Free Physical Proof (if applicable)
No Fee for Pages beyond 200
Unlimited Electronic Cover Mockups
Unlimited Electronic Sample Layouts
Free 3D Cover Images for Self Promotion or Personal Use
Free Cover Templating
Free Metadata Optimization (Keywords, BISACs, Retail Pricing)
Ongoing technical support during and post publication (Including any issues with distributors, such as Amazon)
Social Media marketing (including previous titles, if any) even if published elsewhere.

Our publishing package includes complete registration, file upload, global distribution, POD capabilities, interior design (proper format & typesetting), and a permanent author purchase discount. We design stunning text, taking it to the next level, giving your book/s a professional finish, inside and out. With no image limit, your print title and eBook will be available on platforms such as Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Kindle, Lulu, Booktopia, Dymocks, and Ingram, to name a few. Basically, anyone who owns a bookstore will have access to your title.

Our package also includes marketing via social media campaigns because we think it is an integral part of the publishing process with an extremely low 5% referral fee from our website. Our prices are lower than any competitor with the same services, while sparing no expense in helping you publish your beloved book.  

The process:
  • Initially, once the entire manuscript, submission form, and payment is received, over four weeks, we format the book according to your chosen specs and industry print standards. 

  • We then send you the manuscript electronically, for you to review.

  • During that time, we also work on your cover, using your chosen image or description, which you would have detailed in the submission form. 

  • Once you are happy with the electronic version, we can then send you a hard copy of your book to review in your hands. 

  • We also set up a Lulu account (if you don't already have one) and assign an ISBN. You can use a pen name if you wish, with your real name assigned to the copyright.

  • All royalties are assigned to you, with Limelight taking no cut EVER!

  • Once you receive the proof in the mail, you can still request changes to the manuscript and cover. 

  • Once the manuscript is created and the paper and print options are selected, I can give you a breakdown of royalties and a suggested price to list your book. We believe you should have the final say, and the price can be changed at any time in the future. 

  • When you are ready to publish, your book will be available on Lulu immediately. It will then take 6-8 weeks (standard industry time) to list on distribution sites such as Amazon. 

  • At that point, we begin social media campaigns.

  • We then hand over the Lulu account to you with a detailed letter explaining how to navigate the site, run royalty reports, find your files, and change pricing if needed. 

  • Marketing entails social media campaigns, emails, and posts. We can also include your previous titles at no extra cost.

Time Frame:

  • As you can see, the process generally depends on how many changes are needed and how long it takes for postage after printing. The entire process can be completed in a matter of weeks, but as we work through your title, you may find more changes you want to make, which will push the time out. We work as quickly as we can but have many clients. We endeavor to have your title completed as promptly as possible without jeopardizing the integrity of the work. 

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