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Our publishing package is tailored to meet the needs of both fiction and non-fiction Authors. Whether you're penning a thrilling novel or sharing your life story in an autobiography, our package has you covered.

Founded on the idea that publishing is accessible to all, we help you get your book from idea to print. With experienced professionals, we can design and distribute your book exactly the way you want. Everyone has a unique story to tell and we are dedicated to the complete process; from manuscript to print, through to a unique cover design, distribution and sales management, as well as social media marketing, Limelight stops at nothing to ensure your book is not only successful, but exactly what you have always envision. 

We are also proud to donate 10% of Limelight Package funds to The Breakfast Club; a not for profit organization providing free community meals and emergency food parcels, supplies for rough sleepers, phone charging, and information other services.

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We're excited about publishing and are incredibly proud to offer writers of all genres this unique and all-inclusive publishing package! As established authors and industry professionals, we take this seriously. That's why we've spent hours fine-tuning our work to deliver the best for all our clients. We're here to work towards YOUR vision, and nothing is published without your final say!


What we do:


We are a COMPLETE service. We transform your written word, typed manuscript, or scribbled ideas on paper into a beautiful book you will love. You do not need to know anything about publishing. All you have is a story. No worries, we're here for you. We will bring your idea to the world through global distribution and advertising. There are no hidden costs or extra charges. We do not (will never) take a cut of your royalties. At the end of the process, we hand over an account for you to manage (tracking sales and royalties, storing files, and then empowering you to manage your account independently.

Interior Formatting; Proper format & typesetting. We'll help you decide the book size and walk you through the industry standard print options.

Cover Design; Provide your own cover, or we can create one for you. We also have incredible independent illustrators!

ISBN and Library Congress Registration; Your book will be copywritten under your chosen name, which can be different from your author pen name if desired.

Global Distribution; Your book will be available on hundreds of platforms, such as Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Kindle, Lulu, Ingram, and all eBook outlets, to name a few. The list is plentiful and ever-growing.

Print-on-demand orders for in-person events, fulfillment through your website, and accessible by bookstores and libraries.

Complete control over your account. That's right! You will have transparent access to all aspects of your title, including sales reports, royalties, etc.

- Optional eBook.

Color or black and white images included.

Quick turnaround time for your first draft – currently, the expected turnaround time is less than six weeks!

- Social Media Marketing

- Guidance through the publishing process.

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