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Over the past months, we have had some exciting new releases via Limelight, published through Lulu Publishing. Here are just a few of them... 

UNLIKE A BOSS, by Alexander N. Andrews

The power of kindness can mitigate the ill effects of our increasingly online social world and indeed our experiences at the office. It is an essential leadership skill that can cascade through people, changing the culture of the workplace along the way. Kindness is not always seen as a priority in the workplace, especially as it can contrast with the traditional image of a successful entrepreneur. Haven't we been told that "nice people finish last?" Office culture can be cutthroat and competitive, leading to hurtful criticism, lack of collaboration, and miscommunication.

However, now we are increasingly talking about wellbeing in the workplace, and bringing an authentic quality to our work, being gentle with ourselves, and with others around us.

UNLIKE A BOSS looks at these issues from a perspective of experience. Author, Alexander N. Andrews has lived it and helps us understand this world and how to navigate through it. With practical advice and strategies, this book is a MUST read for all industries to effectively learn from our own and others mistakes, to preparing us for the future.

Andrews explains how our actions can advance diversity, equity, and inclusion, but organizations often lack data to know how well they’re working - here’s where they can do better!

UNLIKE A BOSS is available now!

GRINGOS, By Thomas T. Wiatt

GRINGOS is the latest release by the extraordinarily talented author, Thomas T. Wiatt.

This book serves only as a sampler of all the U.S. American individuals throughout history that have crossed the border for reasons of their own. Some of these travelers came for adventure, others to escape being arrested for crimes committed in the United States. Lots came for employment opportunities that they did not have in the U.S. and some came to escape slavery. Some came to fight in wars and others to find peace.

GRINGOS is available in paperback and eBook now! Purchase

Shine Bright, by Kim Eberhardt

Shine Bright is a beautiful, motivational book that will inspire and motivate you to live a more positive life.

Author, Kim Eberhardt explains, "Life is not meant to be lived feeling empty inside. You are everything your spirit shines within you and you have a worthwhile purpose to share it with everyone you meet. In Shine Bright: a little book about radiance and joy, Kim Eberhardt reminds us that each of us has an inner light that is full of possibilities with limitless and boundless potential for joy. Illuminate the world with love, beauty, and joy. Bring awareness to your inner light every day, in every way."

Shine Bright is available now!

THE THREE, By Roberta Dawn McMorrow

From author, Roberta Dawn McMorrow comes the incredible story, THE THREE. With the dawn following Three Days of Darkness, 17-year-old Leo wakens to a strangely altered Earth, in terrain he doesn’t recognize. Together with his brother Conan and the mysterious girl Inanna, the three face challenges both mystical and physical as they discover the purpose of their survival.

THE THREE is available now

When Possum got Coronavirus, by Shellie Curran

When Possum got Coronavirus speaks about germ prevention, cleanliness, emotional management, and communication, and all at a level that is understood by children of all ages.  It is a positive and realistic view at the world we live in and a historic record to own and look back on in years to come, about our current world climate and indeed, how we all helped each other through it.

We first learned about Possum and Dragon with Shellie Curran’s debut children’s book called, When Possum Met Dragon. We have all grown to love the characters, following their adventures together as the best of friends. When Possum got Coronavirus is the story of how Possum contracts the virus. We learn how the pair deal with managing the symptoms and we discover how their friendship grows as a result. This beautiful story is informative, heart-warming, and unforgettable. “In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic I felt it necessary to somehow try to transform the tragedy and scariness of it all, into something that children can understand and not be afraid of. Learning to live with Coronavirus is a new way of living for us all and managing our lives to suit the new rules and protocols accordingly. I hope that my book can help teach not only my own children about the importance of keeping clean and covering their coughs and sneezes, but perhaps a few others along the way too.” - Shellie Curran, Author

When Possum got Coronavirus is available now in Paperback, and Hardcover.

A Breath of Fresh Air, by Jane Olive

All good things come to those who wait is a great motto for this dramatic romantic comedy. A California romance novel with Christian undertones. After a dramatic divorce, Cheryl finds her way out of being a stay at home mom and into the work force. Maintaining a low profile doesn’t keep one land shark away. Greg is a man that has been swimming too long under water. Cheryl is the breath of fresh air he was looking for. When he comes up for air, he finds himself gasping.

A Breath of Fresh Air is Available Now!

A Bucket Full of Crabs, by Marcus T. Bentley

Why is it only a few people “make it out”? For those few, why are they not eager to rescue the people who are experiencing the same level of despair which they had not too long ago?In this book, I go over five stories and five reasons why some people don’t give back to the communities from which they come. My goal is to spark a conversation about breaking the cycle of successful individuals leaving and never returning to the communities that need their guidance. In my opinion, the only way the most impoverished and crime-ridden neighborhoods in America will change is if the people who grew up and succeeded despite those conditions return with a roadmap.

“I wish to change the world. You can only do that by clearing up one misunderstanding at a time.” - Marcus T. Bentley

Purchase the Paperback, Hardcopy, or eBook

Son of Anger, by Donovan Cook

Ulf is like a storm, slowly building up its power, he grows more dangerous with each passing moment. And like all storms, he will eventually break. When he does, he will destroy everything in his path. Ulf is one of a long line of famous Norse warriors. His ancestor Tyr was no ordinary man, but the Norse God of War. Ulf, however, knows nothing about being a warrior. Everything changes when a stranger arrives on Ulf’s small farm in Vikenfjord. The only family he’s ever known are slaughtered and the one reminder of his father is stolen -- Ulf’s father’s sword, Ormstunga. Ulf’s destiny is decided. Are the gods punishing him? All Ulf knows is that he has to avenge his family. He sets off on an adventure that will take him across oceans, into the eye of danger, on a quest to reclaim his family’s honour. The gods are roused. One warrior can answer to them. The Son of Anger.

Son of Anger is available in both Paperback and eBook



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