The Rescue of Boxer 22 by Jeffrey A Chunglo

The Rescue of Boxer 22 was a highly secret operation. It occurred in a forgotten country, Laos, during the Vietnam War. An international agreement had banned military operations in Laos, yet some of the most vicious battles of the Vietnam War occurred in that region. The rescue of Boxer 22, and its details, were classified as SECRET until documents surrounding this mission were declassified in 2001. This mission remains the largest Combat Search and Air Rescue mission in U.S. Air Force history.

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Laurie S.

I received my book last Friday and started to read it on Saturday. I couldn’t put it down once I started reading this story! I can’t believe that this is a true story. The ups and downs I felt while reading this story make me want to hug everyone involved. I never served in the military but this story helped me understand the bond that ties our service people together. I highly recommend you read this fascinating story!

James R

This story grabs you from the start and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the end. I had never heard about this rescue before reading this book. The dedication and heroism of everyone involved is inspiring. I want to thank each person involved in this rescue for your service. I make sure people I know learn about this rescue and the men involved.


As a participant in the Boxer 22 mission, I can tell you that Jeff captured the true emotional impact of those three days on both the survivor Woody, and on the aircrews as well. The mission tactics and strategies have been told by others, but Jeff included the people and the emotions/tensions of all who kept trying to make the rescue, even after so many unsuccessful attempts. I think that he had done a remarkable job describing all aspects of the Boxer 22 mission.

Paul C.

I can’t believe that I’ve never heard of the story before now. As a Marine Corps veteran I can appreciate the gravity of the situation and I admire the courage shown by everyone involved. This is a fine example of American military values – Leave No Man Behind! This is a must read book for everyone. The “life lessons” in presented in this book should be shared with our younger generations.

Michelle Ramlow

I found this story to be fascinating. I appreciate that the story was told without Hollywood embellishment; it wasn’t needed. I felt like I was there and experienced the frustrations along with Woody and every member of the rescue team. Thank you for telling your story and not letting this fade away with history.

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