Roberta Dawn McMorrow

Roberta Dawn McMorrow is an author, educator, climate activist and transformation coach. She is the founder and director of the workshop and resource program Rise Up! and a founding member of the Mar Vista Family Center. She heads up the prestigious McMorrow Consulting, recognized as one of the leading mergers and acquisitions consulting firms in the country. In 2017, Roberta helped found White Buffalo Land Trust. Inspired by her daughter Lyndsey, WBLT serves as a leader in Regenerative Agriculture. THE THREE is the first novel in the series The Road to The Remembering. McMorrow is also the author of Seven Days, A Personal Memoir of Risk, Recovery, and Revelation (2010). Roberta devotes herself to communal transformation and positive social change.


With the dawn following Three Days of Darkness, 17-year-old Leo wakens to a strangely altered Earth, in terrain he doesn’t recognize. Together with his brother Conan and the mysterious girl Inanna, the three face challenges both mystical and physical as they discover the purpose of their survival.

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"This book is both profoundly moving and an absolute joy to read. The heart, the strength, and the self-sacrifice found within these pages is deeply inspiring. The importance of embracing True Self, fighting the enemy of fear within, is a truth that stares straight into the soul. And all of this is so beautifully balanced by the joyful spirits and humorous natures of the characters. I feel a deeper sense of purpose and responsibility for my actions and the future of our world after reading The Three. This book is a light that the world needs."

 - Frankie Fairweather Harman, dancer and activist


In the second volume of Roberta Dawn McMorrow’s THE ROAD TO THE REMEMBERING series, Leo, Conan and Inanna find themselves in an isolated paradise canyon with a crazy shaman who is determined to further their spiritual education. Meanwhile, a group of children and teens who have survived the Three Days of Darkness follow their own path of awakening in coastal California that seems strangely to mirror that of The Three.

Is there a Fourth of the Prophecies among them?

THE PROMISE OF THE LABRINTH is available in paperback and eBook