Meg Hellyer

Meg Hellyer is a freelance editor and writer based in Melbourne, Australia. She completed her Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing studies in 2011.

Meg is experienced in editing a range of manuscripts – from fiction to memoir, autobiographies and self-help books. She is particularly passionate about working with first-time authors and helping them to polish their manuscript to be the best it can be. She specialises in structural editing and smoothing out syntax, while also identifying any gaps in information.

Meg is otherwise a word nerd who enjoys bushwalking, fantasy/sci-fi films and terrible jokes with terrible puns. We are thrilled to have Meg join our team as an experienced, highly sought-after editor.  

Meg has worked on numerous titles independently. Here are some Meg has worked on as part of Team Limelight!

Death of the Public Servant, by Daniel Rosemond


Republic of Australia, by Rod Williams


Sincerely Yours, The Other Magnet, by Christina Alia