Anthony M. Grimaldi

Anthony M. Grimaldi of JourneyManDesigns is an Illustrator & Graphic Designer who lives in New York City, a metropolis of successful and starving artists of every stripe and persuasion. He is content to be either, but never to be neither.  

Anthony's talents and skills with using a variety of digital tools and art mediums to create with makes his versatility an invaluable asset, and his technique of combining and blending illustration and digital art allows his imagination no limits to design with unlimited creativity and visual imagination.  Anthony thrives within the process of collaborating with others, to encompass different creative visions and ideas and to correctly interpret the preferences and specifications that a client may request. Through email, online commerce and cloud based file transfer services,

Anthony is easily able to work and do business with any client in the world. 

If you would like to contact Anthony, please visit JourneyManDesigns and/or email

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