When 'The End' is actually the beginning!

Have you ever wondered about how incredible it is that you were born? Consider the fact that every act in history taken by your ancestors had to align perfectly for you to be here today. This can only mean one thing; that you were meant to exist and the life you have lived is unique and extraordinary. The stories you create are as precious as life itself and should be treated with as much respect and care.

There is no sugarcoating it, writing a book is one of the most difficult challenges any person can actively bestow on oneself. If it were easy to achieve, it would not be an item on millions of bucket lists around the globe.  But here is the real eye opener; writing the story is only the first challenge. Once you have typed those infamous words ‘the end’, it swiftly becomes abundantly clear that, in fact, it is only the beginning.

As a writer, you then enter the terrifying world of bravely sharing your story with strangers; mainstream publishers for possible vilification and eventual possible validation. The idea of sending your beloved work, the file or pile of paper you’ve spent sleepless nights over to accumulate, is now going to be scrutinized and shared, posted, emailed, and possibly even rejected.  At some point you might even second guess your own talent and ability to get published at all.

But what if there is another way?

What if traditional publishers were not your only option? THERE IS! It is called Lulu Publishing. Lulu Publishing operate entirely transparent and online, opening doors to literally thousands of career paths. And although I am all for hiring someone to do the heavy lifting, publishing packages can be expensive. Lulu Publishing is free.

Those who know me, know that I have been publishing with Lulu for a very long time. What you may not know is that I have shopped around many times over the years and always returned to Lulu. Here’s why;  Lulu Publishing (Lulu Press) are an online print-on-demand, self–publishing and global book distribution platform, used by authors, artists, educators, non-profits and other content creators, giving writers and artists what they have always dreamed of; creative freedom, control over content and design, distribution options, elegant print results, and fair royalties. 

And it only gets better. Lulu recently announced a complete overhaul to their already user-friendly website, taking the company to new heights and proving they are indeed listening to customer needs. Like any role-out, there were some teething problems, but those who know the true benefits of calling themselves a #luluauthor waited eagerly without agitation.  Why? Simply because we trust Lulu’s vision and history of confident delivery.

The new site presents a range of revised and new options.  One being a live preview of your title, which is already found in the Shopify xPress app. This is a feature that aligns with how I feel Lulu represents themselves: with transparency, author independence, and clarity.  Writers can also now create COMIC BOOKS, PHOTO BOOKS, PRINT BOOKS, MAGAZINES, and YEARBOOKS, together with the usual e-Books, and print books with the bonus of a new mat cover.  It is almost too hard to decide which to create first!

Of course, at Lulu signing up yourself is a breeze, but one of the new features is the option to hire a pro to take your work to the next level. In the Resources tab, click on HIRE A PRO to view some of the selected companies Lulu have recommended, including our very own Limelight Publishing!

Lulu is leading the way because, quite simply, there is something to be said about a company who want to evolve.  Something to be treasured about staff who honestly listen to what their loyal customers want.  And something to be valued about industry leaders who keep communication flowing in a way that the rest of us can understand and ultimately benefit from. If you’re not using Lulu Publishing, you’re not ahead of the game!




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