When I write, I give my all: attending Book Con and Book Expo America

In 2016, I attended the Book Expo America, also known as the BEA, after a company called America Star Books approached me to showcase 'I'm Not Scared of Spiders', which I had published through Lulu.com.  At that time Lulu was not hosting any authors at the Expo, but they did attend as an Indie Publisher.  I showcased a range of my books including, An Ounce of Expectation, and I'll Always Love You No Matter What with America Star Books, even though I was published through Lulu.

In 2017 I attended the Book Expo again..., again hosted by America Star Books to showcase my novel, The Night Birds. 2017 turned out to be an incredibly interesting year. Situated opposite Lulu Publishing's booth at the BEA, I was able to spend my signing time looking in at the company booth and afterwards, meeting staff and made some valuable connections.  Once I arrived back in Australia, I was then asked to host my own radio segment with Paperback Radio, consider a signing with Lulu in 2018 and I also signed a contract agreeing for my novel, The Day it Rained Forever to be adapted for the film screen.  

In 2018 I gleefully attended the Book Expo America and this time, was hosted by Lulu.com, an ABSOLUTE dream come true for me - and perfect timing too because America Star Books had suddenly and sadly, closed its doors.  The closure of the business also meant no radio segment for me as Paperback Radio was owned by America Star Books. My attention turned to the expo. But it wasn't just the BEA, I attended and had signings at, it was also the Book Con! This is where I showcased The Day it Rained Forever, alongside Omar Epps (yes, the actor) who had just released a title, From Fatherless to Fatherhood, as well as some other Lulu authors. What a thrill!

When I returned from New York, I attended a forum about publishing and got very inspired.  Lulu had just released their xPress App, which opened the doors to consider starting my own publishing company – to help others achieve their dream of publishing stories. But as exciting as it was, I was worried about how this would impact my appearance in NYC in 2019. It didn’t. Lulu Publishing have been so supportive and incredibly open.  And I am on track to appear at the Javits Center once again in May of 2019 at the Book Expo and Book Con! 

The incredible thing is, that I will be there as a Lulu author, but also as an example, to show people where Lulu can take you and how supportive they are. Being there as a writer and publisher will only enhance the reputation of my company, Limelight Publishing, but also showcase, the greatest Indie Publishers on the planet; Lulu.com

2019 - In May I had the incredible opportunity to once again attend the BEA and Book Con in New York City, hosted by Lulu Publishing, I signed copies of my first short story collection, Scripturient. I was met with fans, friends, and supporters who have followed my career from the beginning. I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and kindness by Lulu and the public. It was an incredible opportunity to give back to those I appreciate the most!  

Who knows what 2020 has in store for me. While I am always writing, I am still learning and progressing. When I write, I give my all, so it is a blessing from above that I have had so many incredible opportunities and open doors.  I take nothing for granted and notice everything that everyone does for me and my career.  I continue to work hard, to write better, and give more. 

I hope to see you in New York in 2020!

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