Whether pencil, or laptop, there is something magical about what happens when we hold a blank page in our hands.  The day ahead is filled with boundless possibilities; a chance encounter with a monster of the deep, a new and complex love interest, or simply, breathing the intoxicating fresh air of a foreign land, we fill our heads with dreams that only seem possible when writing.  For us that ‘get it’, and let our inner child roam, as if by some sort of miracle, it is insanity revealed to us; the secret to a happy life.


Discover how publishing your story can change your life.
The Write Magazine

Poised and accurate, We love to write and can easily get lost in the stories we create, Writer and authors alike, should find comfort in knowing that so many can relate.

BLUE Lines Press

Yes, yes, yes! This is true for so many writers. We see so many love the art and then see their dreams come true through publishing. Limelight’s vision and passion are what make the company a success!

Matt Jonson

Beautifully written with mature perspective at its core.

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