Book Expo America and Book Con 2019

Being hosted by Lulu Publishing once again for the incredible Book Expo America and Book Con, was a dream. No wait, it was better than a dream! It was a rel life unforgettable experience I will never forget!
Thank you to the fans who told me they would come and did. To all the fellow authors who praised me and showed support for my chosen craft. Thank you to everyone who walked up to the table with a bright smile and friendly handshake. Thank you to all the people I met before, and after the shows, who have sent messages, liked posts, followed my social media, and bought books.
And a HUGE humble Thank you to the Lulu staff for making this possible.
I love writing. I will always be a writer, no matter how much recognition I get. But to be supported in this way deserves words of thanks that have not been invented yet.
The Lulu team have been behind me from day one. And without them, while I would have continued to write, I would not be where I am today.
The BEA and Book Con are two days for me that make me feel accomplished and proud of myself. I can look at these photos on my challenging personal days and know that everything is actually alright.
When I was a child, my mother used to always tell me that I should have a few days of something, that I can look forward to. That it is important, necessary, and vital to inner strength, and peace. She was right. And for me, these are those days.




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