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Thank you to Mike Jackson for the opportunity to be featured Author Interviews UK. Read all about how The Day it Rained came about and what keeps me inspired. 


What led you into writing?

"I literally began my writing journey on the very day that my father passed away. I was twelve years old. Dad was very sick and, by the time he was close to death, he didn’t recognize me anymore. I found it incredibly difficult to see him in those last few days before he passed so, obviously, this was a very emotionally traumatic experience for me. But what really stayed with me, was that, after he had died, I was told it would be good for me to go to the hospital and say goodbye to him, (to his dead body). I recall having to stand on a stool to reach him and tried to hold his hand, but it was too stiff. I was told that saying goodbye would help. It didn’t help. What really helped was going home and writing down a poem, then addressing it to him. It helped me connect with him because I also had a close relationship with God and my faith was strong. As a child, I felt as though writing gave me a way to reach out to him. And now, as an adult, that concept still exists. Writing was, and will always be, my clearest voice. It is the most accurate and most honest version of myself."


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