When Possum got Coronavirus, by Shellie Curran

When Possum got Coronavirus speaks about germ prevention, cleanliness, emotional management, and communication, and all at a level that is understood by children of all ages.  It is a positive and realistic view at the world we live in and a historic record to own and look back on in years to come, about our current world climate and indeed, how we all helped each other through it.

We first learned about Possum and Dragon with Shellie Curran’s debut children’s book called, When Possum Met Dragon. We have all grown to love the characters, following their adventures together as the best of friends. When Possum got Coronavirus is the story of how Possum contracts the virus. We learn how the pair deal with managing the symptoms and we discover how their friendship grows as a result. This beautiful story is informative, heart-warming, and unforgettable. “In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic I felt it necessary to somehow try to transform the tragedy and scariness of it all, into something that children can understand and not be afraid of. Learning to live with Coronavirus is a new way of living for us all and managing our lives to suit the new rules and protocols accordingly. I hope that my book can help teach not only my own children about the importance of keeping clean and covering their coughs and sneezes, but perhaps a few others along the way too.” - Shellie Curran, Author

When Possum got Coronavirus is available now in Paperback, and Hardcover.

Shellie Curran was born and raised in Australia. She is a Wife, Mother and a Creator. Shellie has always loved books and wanted to write a children's book for as long as she could remember. Shellie reads to her children often and they absolutely love it. 

Shellie feels that reading is a very unappreciated activity, yet so important on so many levels. With the passing of her Father late last year, she had one of those ‘life is just so short and precious’ moments, it prompted her to get on with it and make it happen. She put her feelers out there and the universe responded with a dear friend, putting her in contact with her friend and thus the book, her book, has finally been turned into her reality. 

"My intention is to make people especially children, laugh, smile, make and share some wonderful memories whilst secretly teaching them a thing or two!" - Shellie Curran.

Shellie's first book is called When Possum met Dragon, and is an endearing story of the developing friendship between two unlikely characters. Dragon gets himself stuck in a tree and Possum comes to the rescue for her new friend. A beautiful tale that teaches children how to make friends and explores the joy that new friends bring.

When Possum Met Dragon is available in portrait, as well as a beautiful square paperback and hard cover version. 

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