UNLIKE A BOSS, by Alexander N. Andrews

All too often we are subjected to people leadership which lacks inspiration, let alone care. In workplaces all over the world there are 'bosses' - managers who just don't get people. They micromanage, set unrealistic targets, and maybe even create workplace cultures based on fear. Should these people really be allowed to lead others? During his leadership career spanning 30 years to date, Alexander has often found himself swimming against the tide of poor managers and in doing so, overcame his own feelings of deflation, channelling this into creating engaging workplaces for his teams that were the envy of his colleagues. Much to his surprise, he even won awards for it! ‘UNLIKE A BOSS’ spills the beans on some of the poorest people leadership examples he’s observed, and been subjected to, in a conversational, and at times light-hearted, pseudo memoir style. There’s that well used saying ‘learn from your mistakes’ but as Alexander attests, you can learn from other people’s mistakes too, in fact this book is full of them! ‘UNLIKE A BOSS’ shares 15 easy to follow steps to help you achieve a truly people-centred leadership approach, with heart. The kind of tips you wish your manager had read. It’s a must read for anyone who leads people and who wants to create an environment where every day is a great day! “Make sure you go and check out Andrews’ book, UNLIKE A BOSS is about leadership skills in your workplace. I definitely think it’s going to be inspirational!” - Kisean Paul Anderson (Sean Kingston), American singer and songwriter.

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About the author: Alexander N. Andrews has enjoyed a successful leadership career spanning more than 30 years. From humble beginnings, he overcame school bullying and channeled this into something positive – a determination to stamp out this abhorrent behavior when he was in a position to do so. This crusade of Alexander’s has seen him positively influence those he has worked with and create highly engaged workplace cultures of the world’s best practice standards. The organisations have benefited too, often with industry-leading results. Alexander has a passion for helping people achieve their full potential and creating work environments conducive to this. By investing much of his time toward mentoring others, he offers a deeper insight into his recipes for success.

Unlike a Boss Reviews

It's not often I take the time to post reviews but I feel this book warrants it. I enjoyed not only the author's reflections on the poor leadership experiences he has seen in his career, but also how he transitions these into tips to do better yourself! It's an easy trap to fall into, your 'boss' is a tyrant so you become one too.. he proves this doesn't have to be the case and inspires the opposite. I can't recommend highly enough. - Steven Knight

What an awesome read! The book is easy to follow and I really enjoyed the conversational style of the writer. I wish I had the opportunity to read this a long time ago!  - Michelle Rogers

Such a good read! Very insightful, down to earth and easy to read. I think every leader should be reading this (tempted to send it as a gift to some questionable managers I know too!)James Corbett

Truly inspiring and well written! Unlike a Boss is an informative, easy to read and resourceful book. The writing style is conversational which makes it easy and captivating to follow, certainly making it hard to put down! The addition of first hand experiences really allows you to relate to the author on a whole different level. The inclusion of insightful advice provides a useful lesson on the importance of positive leadership and the imperative impact it has on individuals. Certainly a must read!N Awar

This book is an amazing pocket guide for LEADERS "what to do" and for BOSSES ("what not to do") - if you work with PEOPLE this book is an opportunity for a reflection about your leadership style.Rafal Rogusz

A great read not just for managers, but also for people at all levels of an organisation looking to understand what it is about a workplace that makes it a great (or inversely, terrible) place to work. Refreshingly simple, entertaining, and a great resource for anyone wanting to lead or even just improve their working environment. If you only read one book about management and leadership - skip the textbooks and grab a copy of 'Unlike a Boss'. - Chris Long



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