Trafalgar 200 Through The Lens, by Des Kilfeather

Trafalgar 200 Through The Lens, by Des Kilfeather is a historic and unique, photographic record of Queen Elizabeth II, Navy Ships, Admirals, and Sailors from around the world during the 2005 Trafaglar 200 celebration. Second Edition during the, 70th year, Platinum Jubilee Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s Accession, with Des Kilfeather’s slight, philosophic, artistic, contemporary contextualisations.

History, Today and The Future:

Author, Des Kilfeather, his philosophical aesthetic artist’s vocation started in later life with photography evolving towards fine art painting, printing and other physical media. Today going through an NFT evolution revolution. Des is totally inspired by philosophical thinking about life. With works in collections world-wide, including for example, the London National Portrait Gallery, the Writers Museum-James Joyce Museum Dublin, University at Buffalo New York Poetry Collection, Buckingham Palace Royal Collection, Embassy of Ireland London and other galleries and museums: a recurrent theme in Des Kilfeather's art is the philosophical exploration of ethics, greed, power, ambition, jealousy, apathy, physics and time; through the digital evolution of physical artworks. Counterbalanced with poetic narratives of love, optimism and humour Des seeks to comment on that elusive human trait which overules ethical conscience.

In later life Des Kilfeather studied photography and fine art programmes with three Universities and over time, following the Trafalgar 200 2005 event, was awarded a Meritorious Masters Degree in Fine Art.

Trafalgar 200 Through The Lens, by Des Kilfeather is available now!



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