THE THIRD LIFE (“La Troisième Vie”) A Collection of Reflections, by François Hardy

About THE THIRD LIFE (“La Troisième Vie”) through the words of the author, François Hardy

"A few months ago, I gave my good friend, writer François Hardy (not his real name) a challenge: to write some erotic fiction, a genre he had never tried before. He was initially apprehensive and wasn’t sure what to write about or how to write about it. I suggested that above all, he should keep it real and write authentically, perhaps about real relationships in his life, whether true or partially true. This book is the result of my challenge and I would be interested to know what you think of it. I have translated it from the original French into English, as François requested. I hope that my translation does the original justice. Reflecting the type of person he is, when François delivered the manuscript to me, he issued me with a counterchallenge. If I were to publish his writing, I could never reveal his identity - ever, to anyone - as it would be too detrimental to his reputation as a writer of other genres. If his experiment goes well, he wants to be known the Banksy of erotic fiction - anonymous but well-known. I accepted the condition of his counterchallenge and am delighted at the result of his efforts. I hope you are too."

THE THIRD LIFE (“La Troisième Vie”) is available in hard and soft cover, as well as eBook. For more infomation, click here

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