The Narrow Gate Revealed: What the Bible Really Says, by Michael J. Roberts


The Narrow Gate Revealed: What the Bible Really Says, by Michael J. Roberts

Jesus questioned whether he would find faith on Earth when he returned. He also warned that the gate to life is narrow and few are those who find it. In fact many of Jesus’ disciples left him because they found his teachings difficult to accept. Most of the New Testament writings were written to counter heresy and the Apostles warned against false teachers, against those teaching the doctrines of men. Anyone reading the gospels or the book of Acts today could be forgiven for asking what the cause of the disconnect between the early church and the church today is. Could it be that what we consider to be faith today is actually not true biblical faith but rather faith in teachings which have the appearance of truth because they are based on some scripture, but because they are irreconcilable to the entire body of scripture, are incapable of producing the kind of faith Jesus spoke of? Athanasius noted that “the pressure of apparent contradictions forces a closer examination of scriptural texts, and perhaps more importantly also forces a re-examination of the larger framework of assumptions that govern our reading of the Bible.” The Narrow Gate Revealed uncovers the internal coherence of scripture by developing doctrines of atonement and salvation that are not contradicted by any scripture within the entire canon, with the principal objective of restoring truth and bringing reform to a church which fails to grasp that the Holy Spirit has been given to humanity to enable us to become holy, and in consequence be made fit for the kingdom of heaven.

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About the Author: Michael J. Roberts graduated from the University of Auckland with a Master of Commerce (Ist Class Hons), and went on to study theology at Auckland Assemblies of God Bible College in 1985. Continuing his theological education at Carey Baptist College and finally Laidlaw College, Michael earned his postgraduate diploma in theology in 2014. He and his wife, Marilyn, have three adult children, and Michael is actively involved in outreach and preaching at his local Baptist church in Auckland.

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