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The Cassandra Frost Collection is available now in Paperback and eBook

The Cassandra Frost Collection Reviews;

Sandy Frost provides us with a personal and honest view of the field of remote viewing as she has experienced it, revealing many of its greatest achievements and some of its monumental failures. By doing so, she's done everyone a favor; she establishes the need for a higher standard and subsequently the need for improvements in how remote viewing is being presented to the public. It's now up to us to raise those standards, both scientifically as well as spiritually. Her book is worth the read. - Joseph W. McMoneagle, Author: Memoirs of a Psychic Spy (Stargate Chronicles)

Cassandra Frost is a person who is devoted to making her life and the lives of others better. She rarely ever does drugs anymore, hasn’t abducted a small child for sexual purposes in years, and is now down to only one husband, and rarely ever attends the coven orgies anymore. She has managed to break the majority of her ties to the Russian Mafia and… Huh? Not what you wanted? ;-) Oh. OK. Well, then, how about this: Cassandra Frost is a dedicated writer with a lot of reporter mixed in, and a hard-nosed reporter with a tremendous amount of writer mixed in. I have never known her to give a surface fact without then providing something below the surface which makes a reader stop and think. We need more authors like Cassandra. - Lyn Buchanan, Executive Director, Problems, Solutions, Innovations

"Cassandra Frost is the 'Queen Bee-She Bitch' of investigative journalists. Piss her off, and you have garnered the undivided attention of a junk yard dog who bites and does not let go. Ms. Frost has an uncanny ability to sniff out even the nuances of bullshit, and to sink those journalistic K-9s deep into liars and scammers. She will expose you for what you are -- good, bad, or ugly. Her work is diligent and thorough...and she is unstoppable." - Ed Dames ("Dr. Doom")

About the Author

Sandy Frost is an online journalist, author and publisher who has followed the field of Remote Viewing (RV) for the past fifteen years. She first heard about RV listening to Art Bell interview Major Ed Dames, U.S. Army, ret., on CoastoCoastAM on Halloween night, 1996. “My hair stood straight up,” she said. “After listening to Ed on the radio for five years, I finally attended my first RV conference in 2001. I remember standing in the ballroom, thinking that no one was writing about these guys.” “I then began covering RV, Intuition and Consciousness for on 9/11/2001 and wrote a story about the conference for UFO Magazine. Over the next four years, I wrote over 70 articles that make up the bulk of my new book.”
Frost is a U.S. Navy vet who served as an electronics tech in our "Hunt for Red October" SOSUS sub tracking network; an original shareholder of Ahtna, Inc., an Alaska Native corporation; and is a member of Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) and Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ).
Frost served on SPJ Western Washington Pro Chapter Board of Directors and contributed to being named Large Chapter of the Year for three years running, as well as being awarded the Circle of Excellence award for Diversity in 2009. She currently serves on SPJ national Diversity Committee, was named a 2011 Diversity Leadership Program Fellow and is a four-time SPJ award winner. She is the author of "Shriners' Shame: The Dark Side of the World's Greatest Philanthropy” and was peer nominated and presented with's top honor, "Random Act of Vineness." is a subsidiary of MSNBC.


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