The Bright Side, by Melanie Korach and Cynthia Milone

The Bright Side

By Melanie Korach and Cynthia Milone

Sometimes in life we find a person who takes up a very special place in our hearts. They say friends are like second family, and that’s certainly true for us when we met. Since we share the same passion of making this world a better place, we decided to be co-authors of our new book, The Bright Side, which reminds all of us that, no matter our age, we can be the best version of ourselves. With the help of this book, The Bright Side, each one of us can find the strength to lift ourselves up to be our very best. We met on Twitter in 2018 and immediately discovered a shared passion for helping people and making a difference, one person at a time. What began as two teachers supporting each other in daily tweets about kindness, naturally progressed to talking on the phone as our friendship developed. During the 2019 Christmas break, Cynthia and I decided it would be wonderful to co-write a mental health book together. The book was inspired by our deep rooted friendship combined with our shared desire to help empower people of all ages. The Bright Side: Mental Health Messages and Affirmations to Empower is a book of hope to help people live happier and more meaningful lives. This book is not only a mental health resource for educators to help empower themselves and their students, but also a book anyone can pick up to improve their lives. It is also a great resource for anyone working in the mental health field. Happiness begins with a positive mindset and a desire to cultivate daily habits that will improve our lives. 

We hope you enjoy our book and that it inspires you to live on the bright side of life. Be the change you wish for in the world!

With Kindness, Melanie and Cynthia


Both Melanie and Cynthia are talented authors with titles already released.

Melanie is the author of, Life Lines: Poems to Uplift and Inspire

A collection of light, delightful poems emitting inspiration and hope to all those taking these words to heart. A true uplifter to all mankind by an exceptional Canadian educator and person. This collection of works is truly awe-inspiring and encapsulates the teachings of renowned authors of self-image and improvement in a wonderful way of presentation - You’ve turned poetry into a tool of hope and sunshine. I’m very proud - Dad!

Purchase, Life Lines: Poems to Uplift and Inspire and, The Bright Side

Cynthia is the author of, You Are Not Invisible. 

America is suffering from a bullying epidemic. Bullies appear everywhere, from playgrounds to the hallway to the buses and even online. The Internet has created an all-too-easy pathway for bullies to harass and stalk their victims without suffering any repercussions. For these reasons, the Eagles Rise Up Student Leaders as well as their teacher, Cynthia Milone from Lake Zurich Middle School South offer insights and authentic perspectives from all sides of the bullying epidemic. Allow them to open your eyes, touch your hearts, and lift the veil of this ongoing contagion.

Purchase, You Are Not Invisible, and, The Bright Side


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