Spanish Virginia: Ajacán - Virginia’s First European Colony 1570, by Thomas T. Wiatt

In 1570, a group of Spanish missionaries established a settlement in eastern Virginia, 36 years before the English founded the first permanent English colony at Jamestown. They called it The St. Mary’s Mission. The Native Americans called it Ajacan. The next year the entire Spanish mission was massacred by the Native Americans, except for one young boy who lived to tell the story.

Spanish Virginia: Ajacán - Virginia’s First European Colony 1570, by Thomas T. Wiatt is available now.

Thomas T. Wiatt was born in Savannah, Georgia, grew up and lives in Newport News, Virginia but his family has deep Gloucester County, Virginia roots. He is a graduate of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia and Thomas Nelson Community College in Hampton, Virginia. Tom is a retired Engineer from Newport News Shipbuilding and Gibbs & Cox, Marine Solutions. He is also a volunteer at the Mariners’ Museum and Park in Newport News. Other than history and writing, his passions include music and world travel. He is never too far away from the sea.

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Spanish Virginia: Ajacán: Virginia’s First European Colony 1570








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