Sincerely Yours, The Other Magnet, by Christina Alia


When two hearts are equally breakable, is there really ever a true villain? If I gave you a piece of the story, could you fill in the blanks? Could you relate? Sincerely yours, the other magnet is a compilation of poems, prose, and excerpts that help you fill in the blanks of a much larger story. This book is all about the evolution of a relationship, from the meeting point to the fall to the breaking point, and to where the healing takes place. There are four parts to this book. Read it from front to back or the chapter that fits the stages you find yourself currently in. This book is for you, so wherever, whatever stage you are in, sit back, relax, keep a tissue box nearby and enjoy.

Sincerely Yours, The Other Magnet, by Christina Alia is available now.

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Christina Alia was born in Long Island, New York, where she studied English and Communications. She is an avid adventure seeker with a passion for writing. As a lover of literature and poetry, she was doomed to be a hopeless romantic. She has created a community across the world by reading and sharing her poetry online. With her writing, she hopes to make at least one person feel a little less lonely in this world.

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