Secrets and Tea, by Venus Whitehurst

About Secrets and Tea, by Venus Whitehurst;

Maxwell, the King of a Mafia clan, has fallen head over heels for a local bookstore owner. Little does he know, she has a few secrets hidden, along with a pair of wings. Follow Maxwell and Jasmine on their journey as they fight a war with a rival mafia gang, secrets, and their feelings.

Secrets and Tea is available now in paperbackhardcovercasewrap, and eBook

From the Author; Hey, I'm Venus Whitehurst. My favorite color is blue and my favorite flowers are blue Tiger lilies, and Black Roses. My favorite mythical creatures are Mermaids (and Sirens), Gargoyles, Unicorns and yes Fairies! Now that I'm retired from the Army, I'm all about writing and enjoying life. When I'm not busy writing, I'm usually reading fantasy romance novels or doing arts and crafts like crocheting and painting. I'm also really into gaming, especially Dungeons and Dragons and Skyrim. I really love hanging out with my husband Skylar and our pets Caramel, Sasha, and Mr. Cat. It is the best part of my day—we love going on hikes and just chilling together. Lately, I've been diving into Korean culture and language, and it's been a fascinating journey. Come along for the ride as I explore creativity and have fun!

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