Raw to Radiant by Kimberly Lynn Williams

Why is it that disease statistics such as cancer, heart disease, dementia, autism, chronic illness, and autoimmune disorders keep going up every year even though the United States has some of the best doctors and spends more money on health care than any other country? In her book, Raw To Radiant, Williams says it’s because everything we have learned about how bacteria and viruses cause disease is actually the exact opposite.“Bacteria and viruses are designed to breakdown accumulated environmental toxins and dead cells in our body, so they can be eliminated efficiently. Everything that comes out of every orifice of the body has the potential to carry toxins out with it. Because we have been conditioned to stop these symptoms of elimination such as fever, diarrhea, watery eyes, nasal discharge and phlegm, we push the poisons back into our body and add additional poisons from medications. Measles, for example, is a viral detoxification of environmental poisons and cellular debris. If you stop this detoxification process with vaccinations or medications, you must find a way to cleanse the body of the toxins it was trying to eliminate through the skin. Otherwise, the body will keep getting “sick” to try to eliminate them and if it cannot get the poisons out, it will encapsulate them and turn them into a tumor.”

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