Practice Makes Perfect, by Renée Rameshwar

Renée Rameshwar is the author of the beautifully illustrated, Practice Makes Perfect, a stunning, warm, children's title about positive behavior and perseverance.

Two racehorses the best around. They always finished the race together and in first place. Brown horse started to practice to get better while Black horse lays around. Soon Brown horse wins the race by himself and everything changes. Black horse now needs to change his attitude in believing he will always win with Brown horse. He must decide if he will practice to get better or give up because it has gotten too hard.

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Renée Rameshwar is also the author if the novel, Purple Flame.

In a world of halflings there is one girl that will stand out from the rest. Raylene seems like any teenage girl, well at least you think she is until she is named the next Queen by the goddess Artemis who grants her with her power. With new powers being awakened she has to find the gems so she can use her new powers or they will tear her apart. With evil dwelling in their mist as her brother, Ezekiel goes crazy attacking people. Will she and her guardians be able to handle what’s coming or will it be their downfall. Will she be able to save everyone and her brother? Only time will tell.

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Renée Rameshwar is a born and raised Floridian who loves to enjoy the rays of the sun as it sparks her creativity. She is an author, entrepreneur, and fun-loving person. She has a passion for writing and utilizing her downtime for singing, or making desserts. 


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