Poems About Sabrina, by AJR

WHO IS SABRINA? She’s the most beautiful & brilliant woman in the world. She is self-proclaimed not perfect but she’s perfect for me. I’m not perfect either so we can be perfectly imperfect together. We both have our strengths & weaknesses, and she’s my best friend & partner! I love her so so much! Sabrina is the final mile sprint in your own private marathon. Sabrina is that extra sit-up when your abdominal muscles are burning in pain. Sabrina is that last bench press rep when your arms are shaking. Sabrina is the last 30 seconds of a plank before you fall over. Sabrina is the delicious collie flower rice & spinach green salad for lunch. Sabrina is my heart, my inspiration, my love! The best partner in the world!

Poems About Sabrina, by AJR is available now!

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