Now, Step Up! A toolkit for an empowered life By Noreen Khan

Deep in your heart, you are silently screaming to be seen as the person you believe you have the potential to be. Yet, you cannot seem to comprehend what prevents your journey of transformation from launching into fruition.

"Now, Step Up!" is your answer.

Noreen Khan, an esteemed thought leader, uncovers the dormant power within, inviting you to challenge your existing beliefs and take ownership of your path.

Through Khan's vulnerably candid tales and transformative strategies, this book becomes a mirror, reflecting your untapped potential and the greatness awaiting you.

Every chapter nudges you closer, breaking barriers and forging a path to an empowered life. With Khan's key takeaways and end-of-chapter exercises, the promise of a life redefined, reborn, and realized is not just a distant dream-it's a tangible reality.

So, do you have the courage to challenge that inner voice? To shatter constraints and truly own your narrative? Don't just stand at the edge of greatness-leap.

"Now, Step Up!" is your launching pad.

About the Author

Noreen Khan is a passionate author, angel investor, serial entrepreneur, and performance coach specializing in mindset transformation.

Inspired by her personal voyage through life’s many facets, Noreen approaches her unique journey as an ongoing quest for truth and an opportunity to portray boundless empathy. Often recognized by her community as a guiding light, Noreen challenges the status quo by offering paradigm-shifting insights to those searching for meaning amidst personal tribulations.

Her first book Now, Step Up, aims to embolden readers to access their absolute full potential. The valuable tools she provides, inspired by her many learnings and unlearnings, will enable you to reconstruct some or all parts of your life – recalibrating your entire path.

Noreen is a thought leader well ahead of her time. She has dedicated her life to helping people untether themselves from limiting beliefs and reframe challenges as opportunities to practice self-development. A lover of interfaith and diverse cultures, Noreen is immensely grateful to have experienced living in England, Canada, Pakistan, Dubai and Spain, thus far.  Noreen has always been passionate about exploring new frontiers and embodying the lessons she learns with every courageous step.

Noreen unknowingly leaves a mark on every person she interacts with, often renewing someone’s outlook by simply sharing her unique perspective.  She is described as a non-conformist, free thinker, and eternal student of life.

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