No Nonsense Dog Training, by Haz Othman

This is not just another book about dog training. This is a complete manual that encompasses how dogs learn, think and communicate to how to completely train your dog in as little as six weeks from beginning to end. Common behavior problems along with effective remedies are also addressed. No frills, no fluff and no nonsense! Just real training methodology that actually works in the real world on real dogs. From working K9 to the family pet, Haz takes the reader through the training step by step and makes the process easy to understand and implement.

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About the Author

 Haz Othman is the founder and Director of the company Shield K9 inc. which provides industry leading obedience and behavior modification training across multiple locations in Canada and Online. Shield K9 inc also breeds, imports, trains and sells working K9 for the purpose of law enforcement, private security and sport competition. Haz first fell in love with dogs when he worked for a private security firm as a dog handler. From then on, his obsession and passion for all things canine drove him into the world of dogs, from behavior modification to competition obedience, working K9, dog sport and more. Haz is a multidimensional trainer with a direct, proven and effective approach to dog training. His mantra is, "Real Training, Real Results!"

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