Move the Needle: How Inside Out Leaders Influence Organizational Culture, By Robb Holman.

Move the Needle: How Inside Out Leaders Influence Organizational Culture, By Robb Holman. 

When we let the goals and measures of success override our investment in our people, team members perceive themselves as a means to an end, a product to be consumed, to achieve some stated objective, not the objective itself. Move the Needle is Robb Holman's attempt at taking a closer look at why we must prioritize people over procedures for better results!

Robb Holman is the CEO of global leadership consultancy, Holman International, and the bestselling author of two leadership books, Lead the Way and All In. His highly-anticipated follow-up, Move the Needle has been endorsed by some of the top leadership experts of our time. Featured in publications like Inc, Forbes, and Fast Company, Robb’s dynamic teaching style, authentic engagement, and thought-provoking content has made him a sought-after global keynote speaker. At the age of 21, Robb was hit with bad news as doctors found a potentially cancerous mass in his midsection. But after weeks of uncertainty, an ultrasound specialist confirmed that the mass had somehow disappeared. This miracle radically altered his perspective, prompting him to question his purpose in a way he never had before. More than 24 years later, Robb is still following his purpose, helping leaders around the world derive more meaning from their lives. His Inside Out Leadership philosophy guides leaders in reflecting on what matters most so they can achieve amazing results. Robb currently lives in West Chester, PA with his wife, Karen, and their three children, RJ, Kayla, and Zach.

Robb Holman is also the author of, Lead the Way: Inside Out Leadership™ Principles For Business Owners & Leaders & All In: How Impactful Teams Build Trust from the Inside Out. 


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