Me! Me! Me! by Janée Hayes

Jana has grown tremendously in the sport of volleyball. Unfortunately, her new found success has contributed to her new found ego. She endures tough lessons as she learns that being a great player entails more than a dominant skill set. Jana must master the intangible or the “game within the game” to evolve into the dominant player she desires to be.

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Janée Hayes, a former 2 sport Division 1 athlete (basketball and volleyball), mother of a Division 1 athlete, sports reporter, and club volleyball director has added author to her resume. Through her experiences, she has been able to view sports and athletes through a variety of lenses. Transitioning from player to mother, to coach, to director, to reporter for almost two decades has given her a level of expertise that she would have never envisioned when she traded in her tap shoes for volleyball shoes, many moons ago.

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