Love Unraveled by N.T. Dieudonné

After leaving a long term toxic relationship, Sofia Richards decides to focus on healing her heart and elevating her career in the hospitality industry. Unexpectedly, she crosses paths with the new owner of the hotel she works at, Vincent Marks. After numerous attempts of showing his interest in her, Sofia reluctantly agrees on a date. Having both experienced unsuccessful relationships in their past, Sofia and Vincent try to navigate through an intense relationship in which shadows of their past threatens their future. When Vincent's mysterious and stoic best friend Dmitri Collins becomes a part of Sofia's world a friendship ensues, in turn making things complicated. As issues spark between Sofia and Vincent, Dmitri is caught in the middle feeling obligated to support both equally. The dynamics of their relationship start to change as a series of unexpected events unfold. Leaving them all to wonder where they stand in each other's life.

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