Permelia O'Brien happily opens the door to the new Portland yarn store where she's scheduled to teach a beginner's knitting class. The last thing she expects to find is a dead body. Yet, here is a man, flat on this back with a knitting needle sticking from his ear. Her students are due to arrive any minute and the store owner is away on a buying trip in Seattle. Who is this man and why is he lying there dead on Permelia's class day? No one knows, but Permelia is determined to find out.

Louie’s Knit Shop, by ARLENE SACHITANO is available now. Purchase your copy!

ARLENE SACHITANO is also the author of, Quilt As Desired, Quilter's Knot, Quilt As You Go, Quilt by Association, The Quilt Before the Storm, Make Quilts Not War, A Quilt In Time,& Crazy as a Quilt.

For more, visit: arlenesachitano.com

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