Levity, by Todd Baker

Introducing Levity
by Todd Baker

Candid, insightful, powerful, and daring: Todd Baker is an unconventional writer who dares to share raw his truth in, Levity

About the book:

Earth is a garden & it always has been. Frequencies are projected in a slightly different tone on all the channels owned, by the group of a greedy few, the mysterious they. Their hypnosis turned our hearts & minds into mental cages after visualizing the way they said it obviously is on the platforms I just said they own. So who are they?

The WON’s & 0h’s that I call crusty pinecones, are the Karma from their spiritual weapons. Hypnosis created off centered, emotional & egotistical Sapient beings. Anything to draw another line around their personal pedestal{inflating image in the brain} & further divide the neighborhood by stereotyping everyone else with labels learned from the Hidden hypnotist. Turning any fractal of the highest fractal into this new math problem, so now they are a projector for some higher projector. Projecting frequencies & illusions made by other dense entities in this dense density. A light worker can become an energy vampire if the emotions vail the consciousness.

Trillions of cycles expanding with light can be reversed if this hypnosis is effective. Levity grew the tree that educated us about gravity with its produce, the human spine is our tree & our produce is energy. Our inward-outward expansion is now downward & dense. Male & female energy inside every male & female is getting one sided(either-sided) inside each egotistical label, that never even knew they were a label until an illusionist educated US on labels$. Shameful seeds grew into confident trees that blow pride inside the imagination of the Earth produce who ignorantly one sided their energy in this garden. Growing their shape into a dense 0 or a dumb 1, only one $ pyramid, instead of our evolutionary math-path into a bright star. The Serpent slithering inside Adams inward shadow realms [the highly evolved human brain] is taking any emotional 3’s awareness away from their compassionate beating heart. {The present moment is what allows growth into... space}.

This attack shrivel$ all us 3’$ on the spiral of Fibonacci, while de-evolving & separating us further into this not so empty fractal-space, that we bloomed our awareness into over many cycles that we refer to as “time.”

LEVITY is available ow at Lulu.com



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