JUDI, by Anastasia Krutogolóva

Introducing Anastasia Krutogolóva's novel titled, JUDI. 

About JUDI  

Ever since Peter’s been gone, things were going pretty rough for the Sargents family. Unaware of what happened to her father during his last mission for the USSS, and seeing that her mother is hiding the truth about it, Judi decides to get to the bottom of it. Yet the girl doesn’t stand a chance. With Victoria suddenly being summoned to DC, Judi, alongside her best friend Mackeyla, is destined to spend her summertime in Oregon with her long-lost uncle James - a holiday that will forever change the young girl’s perspective on life. Constant therapy sessions, unresolved family issues, and, on top of it all, first-ever serious feeling - the aspiring investigative reporter and a forensic anthropology enthusiast keeps it real and honest in her secret diary. What happened to her father? Where has uncle James been all these years? And moreover - who will catch the ghost-killer that’s been keeping the Emerald City in fear?

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Anastasia Krutogolóva grew up in Volgograd, Russia and currently lives in Moscow.  Once, a martial arts student with a black belt in Taekwon-do,  Anastasia graduated Volgograd State University with a Bachelor degree in Translation and Intercultural communication. She speaks 3 languages: Russian (native), English (her second native), and German.

Words from the Author

"As a free-spirited person, I’ve always dreamed about visiting as many countries as possible, which is what I’m striving for. I believe that throughout the journey to another place, as well as overcoming the obstacles along the way, one can discover their true identity. ‘The world is a book, and those who don’t travel read only one page’ would be the saying that describes me the most, I think. As a literature-enthusiast with a lively imagination, I believe that every person has a story worth telling, which is why I decided to try my luck and write a book that might catch the eye of those spirits similar to mine. No matter the gender, age, or nationality, literature is and should always be an international language, free from prejudice of the modern politics-driven world; the one that connects people through their hearts, flowing from one soul to another. As a female, I’ve come a long way  from a shy girl to the confident young woman who knows her worth and is not afraid to state her opinion – which is also one of the subjects that I’ve attempted to cover in my book. I believe it is important to teach the young generation that their voice matters and they should always have one; that girls can be tough, and boys are allowed to have feelings; that being human and finding yourself means not having it all figured out right away and it’s alright. If my work will bring enjoyment or even change someone’s life for better – I will see that as an absolute success, even if it doesn’t hit the #1 stands around the globe."

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