How Teachers Can Save Teachers, by Gregory A. Eibel

Teaching is one of the most challenging, important, and rewarding professions in the world. Countless numbers of teachers dedicate their time, money, heart, and soul to the children of others. For many of us, wondering if we are making a difference is a daily occurrence.

This book PROVES that we all make a difference.

Proof comes when you least expect it, but need it most. Throughout my career as a middle school teacher, I’ve heard numerous others say, “We should write a book. Nobody would believe it though.” Trust me, other teachers would believe you because they have had a similar experience.

We SHOULD write books to share our stories, ideas, thoughts, experiences, and expertise so that we may help others. These are my thoughts and reflections on my career in education. My goal is to add to the dialogue in our schools about how we can serve our students, take care of ourselves, and implement positive change.

I believe that by working together, Teachers CAN Save Teachers.

How Teachers Can Save Teachers, by Gregory A. Eibel is available to


Author, Greg Eibel has been a classroom teacher for 23 years. He has taught social studies, math, science, language arts, and financial literacy in fourth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. Currently, he is teaching at-risk students in grades 9-12. Greg has a master’s degree, is licensed to teach gifted education, and has a K–12 principal’s license. He has served on countless committees, been a department and team leader, and helped in numerous extracurricular activities after school hours. During the past 20 years of his career as an educator, he has coached students from Grades 7 to 12 in golf, football, and track and field. Greg is also president of The Stress Free School Foundation, an organization committed to reducing educator and student stress through consciousness-based educational tools.


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