Hear Know Evil, by Lynette Greenfield



Patience is an ethics lecturer who has found love in her childhood sweetheart, Embry, a talented musician. However, life takes a devastating turn when she receives the news of her cancer diagnosis, leaving her struggling to make sense of it all. The weight of the news exposes Embry's darker side and pushes her away. She then embarks on a soul-searching journey to find deeper meaning in her life. Along the way, she faces chaos and heartbreak. The lessons she learns will either help her grow or destroy her life completely. As she grapples with her illness and the loss of Embry, a chance encounter with someone new could change everything, forcing her to reevaluate her priorities and reconsider what truly matters in life. Will she lean on her teachings and find her way through the darkness, or will she succumb to the chaos and heartbreak that threaten to consume her?



‘This book is full of enchantment, heartache, wisdom, tragedy, and beauty, kept alive by reading around the fireplace to entranced listeners. Hear Know Evil is truly a legacy of vibrant oral tradition!’ - Jacinta Hasley, Reader Review

‘The story is an abridged version of my own experience and is written so beautifully, leaving no emotion unravished for the sake of healing.’ - Piyganie Clea, Read Books

‘People say that magic isn't real, but Lynette Greenfield proves otherwise. This story left me astounded and in awe, like an audience after a magic trick.’ - Jonnie Florencia, Reader Review

‘This book... I don’t even know how to express how it made me feel. All I know is I wish I could read it for the first time over and over again. Embry and Patience have to be my favorite couple I have ever read and I honestly don’t know how anyone will top them.’ - Maddison Palmer

‘This is a powerful, gut-wrenching tale that is hard to shake off.’ - Birkus Review

Words from the Author:

"In ddition to being the Founder of Limelight Publishing, which is an official partner of Lulu Publishing. I am a very proud author with Lulu. My published works span across different genres such as fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and children's literature, but I am particularly enthusiastic about writing fiction.

I am deeply committed to supporting others in their journey through the publishing industry. I have a keen interest in networking and have had the opportunity to attend Book Expo and Book Con in New York and Chicago between 2016 and 2019. I also participated in the Publishing Panel at the Logan Book Festival in 2023. In recognition of my contributions to the writing and publishing community, particularly in the Special Needs space, I was awarded by the Governor of Queensland in 2023 and enjoyed an afternoon tea at Government House.

My primary objective is to increase the visibility and accessibility of publishing resources for disadvantaged young individuals and individuals residing in geographically isolated regions."


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