GRINGOS, By Thomas T. Wiatt

GRINGOS is the latest release by the extraordinarily talented author, Thomas T. Wiatt.

This book serves only as a sampler of all the U.S. American individuals throughout history that have crossed the border for reasons of their own. Some of these travelers came for adventure, others to escape being arrested for crimes committed in the United States. Lots came for employment opportunities that they did not have in the U.S. and some came to escape slavery. Some came to fight in wars and others to find peace.

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Thomas T. Wiatt is also the author of these other popular books, Rev. William E. Wiatt , Alleged PirateCaptain SallyLawyer Walker: A Biography of Thomas Calhoun Walkerand The Stonewall: The true story of a ship without a port, and now GRINGOS

All books are available to purchase here

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