Grand Isle Farewell, by Lana Laws Downing

The year is 1937. Young Alphonse Caillet leaves his safe home with his grandmother on the remote Louisiana coastal island of Grand Isle to go to live in New Orleans with his patrons, the wealthy LaStrappe family. The LaStrappes are fond of Alphonse, having spent summers with him on Grand Isle. They make it possible for him to attend the renowned Jesuit High School in New Orleans. His Granmere has a difficult time allowing him to go to live with the LaStrappes in the big city of New Orleans, but ultimately she does what she knows is best for her grandson. She accompanies him to New Orleans and to the Jesuit school. This is a time when Germany is making military moves and Walt Disney is making movie magic. All is well in Louisiana. Alphonse makes new friends and finds his place at the venerable Jesuit school, where he has unexpected adventures and finds his strengths and talents. He gets into a bit of trouble, but ultimately he grows in ways he never expected.


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