“I want to be clear, 110% clear, from the start that I am a total believer in democracy, freedom of the individual and an economy based on capitalism. Capitalism being where industry and trade are conducted by individuals and private enterprises not the government. I think both our democracy and our capitalism are being abused and polluted currently for the benefit of the few rather than the many. In this book, I will introduce and suggest a new form of democracy which I call Fairism. A philosophy of sustainability whereby the environment and the animal kingdom are respected allies within a democratic, capitalist society. For the scare mongers out there, it is NOT communism or socialism in sheep’s clothing but a more sustainable way to live whilst enjoying the competitive free lifestyle we love.” - R. P. W

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Rodney Phillip Williams was born in Australia and spent his childhood in the playground of Manly Beach, Sydney. The beach was his daycare centre. Rugby and surf boat rowing became his sports. He was born with itchy feet to travel. 

In 1978, after completing his commerce studies, he left home to see the world at age twenty-three. His first overseas trip saw him catch the Trans-Siberian railroad across Russia which excited him for more adventure. He had departed Australia with only a duffle bag and returned eighteen years later with a 40ft container, his wife, Sheila, and their four daughters. Two born in the USA, one in Switzerland and one in London. 

In those overseas years, he lived and worked in Oakland California, Verbier Switzerland, London, Paris and Newburyport Massachusetts. 

Rod has travelled in over seventy countries and conducted business in forty during his business development career. He has always had a keen interest in history and what makes people tick in each of those societies. He has broken bread both with the posh folk and the peasants. 

He now lives in Santa Cruz California with his wife Sheila and youngest daughter, Sophie. He considers himself bi-coastal, but in his case, meaning West Coast USA and East Coast Australia. He is still a keen skier, mountain biker and rower.

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