"Darling, There’s an Iguana in the Bath" - An Extraordinary, Ordinary Life, by Patricia Oliver

With her mother incapable of nurture and her father, a stranger returned from the war; Patricia Oliver never felt loved as a child. Travel with Pat as she sets off on a lifelong journey of discovery. Experience humour and heartbreak in equal measure and the joy life can bring when you look for it.

"Darling, There’s an Iguana in the Bath" is available here

Patricia Oliver grew up in Somerset, England. She loves the countryside, nature and animal life, both domestic and wild.  Her many hobbies include art, and she enjoys painting the seascapes and wild areas of Cornwall where she now lives with her husband, Jim.  Pat loves travelling, reading and listening to music. And writing her memoirs has inspired her to write more. Her greatest love has been her work as a nurse, which has covered almost fifty years and three countries.


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