Always Ask for Help, by Janet Lee and Arnie Stewart

Always Ask for Help tells the inspirational true story of Arnie Stewart in his own words. His story highlights the real life effects of never learning to read and write. Follow the story from Arnie's humble beginnings as an extremely impoverished child growing up with 11 siblings in the small mining town of Cobalt, Ontario Canada to his journey through fatherhood and eventually his work with teacher and friend, Janet Lee.

Always Ask for Help is a powerful testament to the enduring legacy of Arnie Stewart, a humble man who inspired thousands of individuals through his story of education, literacy, and never giving up hope.

The Arnie card was distributed to over 28,000 children and adults. This card was a way for students to ask for help. Initially meant for academics this card helped children ask for help with living situations, hunger, and hopelessness. It's powerful message is a reminder to never give up and always ask for help. "When there is help there is hope." - Arnie Stewart

Always Ask for Help is available now in Paperback, Harcover, and eBook

 About the Authors

Arnie Stewart (Author) Arnie was 59 years old before he asked for help with reading and writing. His story of bluffing his way through life pretending to read is inspiring to thousands of students across Canada and the United States. Always Ask for Help was Arnie's message to the children. "If we could all share our hopes, our dreams, and knowledge with each other. I think this world would be a better place that we could all live in." Arnie

Arnie passed away in 2012 but his story lives on and is timely as ever.

Janet Lee (Author - Producer) was Arnie's advocate and teacher. Publishing Always Ask for Help was a promise she made to Arnie the day she met him in 2003. While recording the story, the duo traveled extensively speaking to thousands of students. Since Arnie's passing in 2012, Janet Lee has continued as an educator specializing in literacy and content development. Her background is varied in international K-12/higher education including curriculum development publications, international speaking, media literacy, and production. A renowned speaker she is known for inspiring teachers to re-imagine their approach to students in need of assistance. The life changing experience of working with Arnie still guides her work today.

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