After You Get Naked in the Mirror... by Marcus T. Bentley

In this book, Marcus T . Bentley proposes that the solution to the problems that ail most societies today is for every person to Get Naked in the Mirror. However, After You Get Naked in the Mirror, he believes you must make the five decisions listed in this text so your life can be transformed.

The five decisions are: 1) Decide to acknowledge the real culprit for the state of your life is YOU, 2) Decide to define what success looks like in your eyes, 3) Decide to create CONCRETE game plans, 4) Decide to establish a strong support team, and 5) Decide to execute your game plans violently.

"I know that when you start to do these things, a paradigm shift will organically occur, and you will see as other successful people do. You will understand their perspective when they say – my life is whatever I say is!!!" - Marcus T . Bentley

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