A Bucket Full of Crabs, by Marcus T. Bentley

Why is it only a few people “make it out”? For those few, why are they not eager to rescue the people who are experiencing the same level of despair which they had not too long ago?In this book, I go over five stories and five reasons why some people don’t give back to the communities from which they come. My goal is to spark a conversation about breaking the cycle of successful individuals leaving and never returning to the communities that need their guidance. In my opinion, the only way the most impoverished and crime-ridden neighborhoods in America will change is if the people who grew up and succeeded despite those conditions return with a roadmap.

“I wish to change the world. You can only do that by clearing up one misunderstanding at a time.” - Marcus T. Bentley

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Marcus is the author of A Bucket Full of Crabs and After You Get Naked in the Mirror... 

About After You Get Naked in the Mirror... In this book, Marcus T . Bentley proposes that the solution to the problems that ail most societies today is for every person to Get Naked in the Mirror. However, After You Get Naked in the Mirror, he believes you must make the five decisions listed in this text so your life can be transformed. The five decisions are: 1) Decide to acknowledge the real culprit for the state of your life is YOU, 2) Decide to define what success looks like in your eyes, 3) Decide to create CONCRETE game plans, 4) Decide to establish a strong support team, and 5) Decide to execute your game plans violently.

‘I know that when you start to do these things, a paradigm shift will organically occur, and you will see as other successful people do. You will understand their perspective when they say – my life is whatever I say is!!!’ - Marcus T . Bentley

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