A Bit of Distraction, by Jerry H. Burgoyne

Ever wondered how to really hide a secret? Not some embarrassing secret that may break up a marriage, or even one that may bring down a Government, but a secret so fundamental that its revelation would mean the end of our world. These tales exist in a timeline that has diverged from our own because Plan A was not followed. This is a timeline where it’s taken a lot of adventures to stop the flow of time falling apart; an unraveling that would mean none of us could exist if the divergence was allowed to do more than curl the edges of our future. As someone will say, “time is the greatest weapon of all,” and now a few inquisitive minds need to be distracted.  

A Bit of Distraction, by Jerry H. Burgoyne is available now! Purchase

Jerry H. Burgoyne is also the author of A Bit of Protection

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