Tina Burroughs-Lee

 Tina Burroughs-Lee is a collegiately educated woman who received her Bachelor’s Degree in Literature from Savannah State University and her Master’s Degree in Public Policy with a concentration in Non-profit/Community Engagement from the University of San Francisco. She received her Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Human Services in 2018 from Walden University. During her time at the University of San Francisco, she developed skills to highlight resume building, non-profit planning, and career advising as she studied policies that impacted the local community. She quickly used these skills to help others with their job searches, upcoming promotions interviews, and life goals. While at Walden University, Tina focused on building case management plans, strategic planning, and providing direct services for those who are focusing on personal goals (housing, credit, and finances). Tina is a wife and mother who loves putting her family first and traveling the world to experience new adventures with her family!

Tina Burroughs-Lee is the author of Dysfunctional Bonding: Navigating through this thing called life sometimes can be hard and trying to figure out where we should go or what to do can be difficult. This is where I come in. My name is Tina Burroughs-Lee and I know firsthand life comes with its challenges, but I am a living testimony that things can change. This book is filled with real life poetic stories that describes different dilemmas that individuals have endured, life lesson quotes, things to ponder on, and Tina’s personal experience centered around marriage and career development. It has been a roller coaster trying to maintain a work, life, balance but as a millennial sharing these life lessons and experiences, I hope to make a difference in other people’s lives.