Thomas T. Wiatt

Tom Wiatt was born in Savannah, Georgia, grew up in Newport News, Virginia but has deep Gloucester County, Virginia roots since the Wiatts moved to Gloucester from Jamestown, Virginia in 1655. Thomas T. Wiatt is the great-great-great-great-grandson of Captain John Sinclair. Tom was born in Savannah, Georgia and lives in Newport News, Virginia. He is a graduate of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia and Thomas Nelson Community College in Hampton, Virginia. Tom is a retired Engineer from Newport News Shipbuilding and is presently an Engineering Consultant at Gibbs & Cox, Marine Solutions. He is also a volunteer at the Mariners’ Museum and Park in Newport News. Other than history and writing, his passions include music and world travel.

He is the author of the books Rev. William E. Wiatt Captain Sally, and Lawyer Walker: A Biography of Thomas Calhoun Walker

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Howard Ralph

Terrific story well told!

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