Susan Chast

Susan Chast is the author of Grieving Into Love  and reMothering.  Both titles are heartfelt poems that speak to us all about complex issues of the heart and soul, highlighting the complexities of motherhood and of grief and loss. A talented author who seeks to help others through difficult times. 

Grieving into Love: Death among a person’s family, friends and  acquaintances can be devastating until processed or shared.  Then, our mortality helps us recognize deep connections and establish new relationships.  Then, the grief we feel at death caused by disease, political unrest, and social injustice also becomes personal. This is grieving into love, a radical love that can cross  boundaries, restore souls, and reclaim nations. Susan Chast's poems in Grieving Into Love take us on this soul journey.

ReMothering: Susan Chast is the author of reMothering - To “re-mother” is to nurture, a mothering not outgrown by crossing the line from childhood into adulthood. Like falling in love with the same person again and again, mothering once is not enough. Renewal is necessary. Re-Mothering: Poems by Susan Chast presents 70 poems about getting and giving nurture from family, friends, companions in faith and love, God, Earth, elements of nature, stories and imagination.