Sandra Thi Martinelli

"Hello! I'm Sandra Martinelli, a Culinary Content Creator born, raised, and residing in Northern California with my husband Philip. I grew up in a multigenerational Vietnamese-American home and attribute my love for Vietnamese flavors to my family’s home-cooked meals. My culinary journey is a unique blend of nostalgic flavors from my Vietnamese heritage and my love of Italian cuisine, Vietalian fusion. My kitchen memories often transport me back to when I watched my mom and bà (grandma) wrap and roll Vietnamese egg rolls on our kitchen island. I've been fortunate enough to refine my culinary skills in classes across Italian cities, including Rome, Bologna, Florence, Verona, and Genova, but the soul of home cooking defines my style. My approach to recipe creation revolves around experimentation and the fusion of diverse ingredients. It started in 2021 when I began documenting my culinary journey through videos and building a social media community. This community, eager to learn about Vietnamese and Italian cuisines, enriched my life. Through these pages, I want to introduce you to my Vietalian fusion dishes and celebrate the art of home cooking, spanning from delightful starters to robust main courses, quick meals, and sinful desserts. Remember, my recipes are more guidelines than rules. Over time, cooking transforms from a chore to an intuitive dance. Always measure with your heart!

Over time, cooking transforms from a chore to an intuitive dance. Always measure with your heart! Within this book, you'll discover personal gems like my mom’s unbeatable Vietnamese egg roll recipe and my take on Amatriciana, my #1 pick among the 4 Roman Sisters—a dish that stole my heart in Roma. I’m so excited for you to expand on your culinary journey and honored to contribute some recipes along the way. Connect with me on all socials @sandratmartinelli, and explore more culinary delights at I made you a playlist to jam out to while you totally throw it down in the kitchen. Scan this image using the camera feature in the Spotify app to start listening!


Jump into the flavorful universe of Sandra Martinelli, a flavor lovin’ foodie and culinary content creator. She creates unique recipes grounded in her Vietnamese roots and enriched by her global adventures. Those trips to Italy were culinary deep dives into Italian food culture. From the cobblestone streets of Roma, through Bologna, Firenze, Verona, and all the way to Genova, she experienced the heart of Italian gastronomy. Merging this with the nostalgic flavors from her Vietnamese heritage, Sandra developed the concept of Vietalian Fusion. From heartwarming comfort foods to brand-new creations, every recipe in Another Banger vibrates with flavor, celebrating the melding of cultures. From the vibrant dishes of Vietalian Fusion to the decadent bites of Sweet Soirees, Sandra hopes to inspire you to throw down in the kitchen, transforming everyday cooking from mere routine to a culinary journey. Cám ơn & Buon Appetito!" - Sandra Martinelli

ANOTHER BANGER, by Sandra Thi Martinelli is available now!