Merrick G. Stein

My name is Merrick Gordon Stein. I prefer to go by Merrick, Merrick G. Stein, and I have been called nicknames such as ‘Steinfeld’, ‘Rick’, ‘Merk’, ‘Mer’, ‘Mer Bear’, ‘Steinish’, ‘Kramer’, ‘Rico Suave’, and even ‘Gumby’ by others. I have dark brown hair, dark brown eyes. I am a 6-foot tall, 175-pound man. I am an avid Philadelphia sports fan, a Myers-Briggs INFJ, and an Aquarius. My favorite things to do in the world are to rap, write and sing. I also love to co-produce beats and play keyboard. I am also a University of Miami graduate – it was there that I rediscovered my childhood love for music and outer space. I have two loving parents, Andy and Jane, and a loving sister, Isabel. I am grateful for my extended family and the friends who have supported me on this journey. I am also grateful for my past romantic partners. Politically, I identify as Libertarian. I am open to all individuals who desire to be better human beings – the past is the past. Whatever you believe politically, religiously, spiritually, etc. is okay by me, so long as we can coexist peacefully and do our best to be our best.  If you are reading this right now, I wish you peace, love and fulfillment of your purposes.  You can always be great, no matter how great your challenges may be.

Merrick's Debut title is called THE FLY OBSERVER and is available in paperback hardcover and eBook. 

About the book: So often in life, we react. Now, it is time to observe. THE FLY OBSERVER is a self-help story presented by Merrick G. Stein.  Together, we will learn to step back and reflect on our respective environments, to be a fly on the wall so we can create lasting peace in our own lives.  With a series of activities and exercises, you will learn how to invite positive change into your inner world. 

It is time to be the hero. 
It is time to be the one that wouldn't hurt a fly.

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