Matt Green

M.B. Green resides in sunny Southern California with his photographer wife, Mariah and their adopted cat, Kona. At 28 years old, he has graduated college with a B.A. in psychology and is currently working at the District Attorney’s Office for Ventura County. When not writing bizarre stories or morbid anecdotes, you will find him drinking protein shakes, making gains at the gym, going on hikes, watching cooking shows, scaring his wife, and spending 20 dollars’ worth of food at taco trucks.

Matt has released an incredibly intelligent and thrilling novel, called SIKE


About SIKE

Dominic is a young nurse at a psychiatric hospital in the mid 90’s. Burdened by his own personal demons of his past, he finds solace in his profession, believing it to be the perfect career as his own coping mechanism. But down the line his health starts to rapidly deteriorate physically, mentally, and emotionally. Dominic has no idea that he suffers an extreme and ill-fated case of degenerative neurosyphilis. With a deadly disease completely unbeknownst to him, Dominic begins to question his own sanity while resorting to desperate measures such as alcohol and drug use. But this only makes things worse. The syphilis causes manic symptoms of syphilis-induced schizophrenia, and the mind-altering narcotics and medication worsen his hallucinations and night terrors. Aside from other eccentric patients at the hospital that Dominic has gotten close with, he befriends a prostitute/drug dealer who wants to help him. She understands his pain, and ultimately grows sympathetic towards Dominic’s situation because she sees how scared and helpless he is. The story itself is centered around Dominic’s bizarre encounters with visions, voices, and creepy backdrops along with his interactions with interesting characters, such as a rowdy hospital orderly, a sex-crazed patient with borderline personality disorder, an artist who cuts off his own limbs for enjoyment, and the hospital medical examiner who has his own fun with the dead bodies…

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